Terms and Conditions


1. It is compulsory to fill in a PARQ and give an emergency contact. 

2. Please carry Prescribed medications with you at all times, and do inform front of house. 


1.Please use lockers for all your belongings.

2. Studio60 is not responsible for any lost belongings.

3.Usage of our Valet services is at your own discretion. we are not responsible for any damage.


1. 1 month membership package allows you to freeze your membership one time for a maximum of one week, with a prior notice of three days minimum.

2. 3 months package allows you to freeze your membership for a maximum of three weeks (with a minimum of one week at a time), with a prior notice of three days minimum. 

3. You are entitle to only one trial class or personal training session.

4. Your membership validity depends on the start and end date of your membership. Not on number of classes remaining. The remaining classes can be carried forward, only if membership is renewed on or before the date of the previous membership. (i.e if your membership expires on the 15th of january, and you have three classes remaining, those classes can be carried forward to the next month only if you renew on or before the 15th january.)


1. We do not guarantee a slot unless you have booked in advance. 

2. You are required to book your slot for all the classes one day prior till one hour before the class starts, via phone, Facebook or Whatsapp.

3. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your space will be given away if the class is full. We do not allow joining a group class after the first 15 minutes have elapsed due to health reasons.

4. If no cancellation has been received, and you do not show, your sessions will be recorded as a counted session.

5. Studio 60 is allowed to change the timetable or trainer for a class without prior notice.


1. You are required to cancel your session a minimum of two hours in advance otherwise it will be counted as no show session. (you will be charged for that session). Via phone, Facebook, message or Whatsaap- with valid trainer acknowledgement.

2. The personal training sessions are booked or one hour only for the exact time that was pre-decided. The Studio/trainer  will not be responsible in case a session is not for the complete hour in the case that the member comes late. (eg if you book a session from 5-6pm, but reach at 5.20pm the session will still end at 6pm).